Think of this as a guide through each of Christopher Walken's films, starting with his first and moving forward. Each review will provide analysis, factoids and opinion on the ninety-plus films in his career.

Wayne’s World 2 (1993)

wwIIGenre: Comedy

Walken in Short: He’s a scheming record producer named Bobby Cahn. A smooth-talker and a great dancer (of course!). If you’ve seen the first Wayne’s World he is the equivalent to Rob Lowe’s character, both pretty much just trying to steal Cassandra away.

Movie in a Sentence: Wayne (Mike Myers) attempts to put on a rock festival with the help of his friend Garth (Dana Carvey) while his girlfriend Cassandra (Tia Carrere) gets tempted away by smooth-talking record producer (Christopher Walken), oh and other shenanigans occur.

vlcsnap-2014-08-23-11h37m49s93Specs: One hour and 35 minutes long, rated PG-13 (nothing but some dick and fart jokes), and available to own on DVD and Blu-ray either separately or as a double-feature with the first WAYNE’S WORLD.

Director: Stephen Surjik [The first WAYNE’S WORLD was directed by Penelope Spheeris who (allegedly) didn’t want to do the sequel because her and Mike Myers didn’t get along. So Surjik had only directed some ‘Kids in the Hall’ episodes at the time, and then went on to do almost exclusively more television after this. ]

Writer: Terry & Bonny Turner wrote the script for this one as well as the first one, both along with Mike Myers writing too. The Turners also wrote TOMMY BOY (1995) and CONEHEADS (1993).

The brilliant Ralph Brown

The brilliant Ralph Brown in a role that echoes his burned out but sagacious ‘Danny’ character from WITHNAIL & I (1987).

Actors Other Than Walken: Mike Myers, Dana Carvey, Ralph Brown, Tia Carrere, and James Wong. Also seen are: Aerosmith, Rip Taylor, Kevin Pollack, Bob Odenkirk, Kim Basinger, Heather Locklear, Charlton Heston, Tim Meadows, and the lovely lovely Drew Barrymore (see below). Chris Farley also has a few moments in this.

FUN FACT: WAYNE’S WORLD (1992) was Farley’s first appearance in a film, and though he is in this one too, his character is not the same!


Added Bonus: a delectible year-old Drew Barrymore as Swede Jorgen Bjorgen from Knjergen near the Bjoerkin Fjords

Added Bonus: a delectable 18-year-old Drew Barrymore as Swedish secretary Bjergen Kjargen from Knuergen near the Joergen Fjords!

Similar Films: You could watch the first WAYNE’S WORLD, any of the AUSTIN POWERS films, SO I MARRIED AN AX MURDERER, or any of the SNL-based films (Night at the Roxbury, Superstar, Ladies Man, Coneheads, MacGruber).

vlcsnap-2014-08-23-12h28m50s29Walken Content: 10% – Walken is sprinkled conservatively throughout the running-time. He shares most of his screen-time with Tia Carrere (who provides some nice eye-candy), has some alright lines, dances a bit, and serves as a kind of “bad-guy”, but unfortunately there’s nothing amazing here.

FUN FACT: Though Walken plays the straight-man, this is the first outright ‘COMEDY’ that he appeared in.

Walken Quote: If you remember from the first film, Wayne does the “Asphinctersayswhat”-joke quite successfully (…What?), but this time when Garth attempts it, Walken is too crafty for that, and instead responds:

“You want me to say “What?” like I don’t get it. Is that it? Is that it?!”

~ Bobby Cahn (Walken)

And then out of nowhere he makes this fantastic series of faces:



Because he can.

So Should You Watch This? Well, if you enjoyed the first one, and you like Mike Myers’ early work, then yes. Though it is not as perfect and quotable as WAYNE’S WORLD, the sequel is no slouch and is certainly good for a laugh or five. Especially with all of the cameos and bit-parts, it’s a good bit of fun that moves briskly to its obvious but pleasant conclusion.

But is this necessary Walken-viewing? No, definitely not.

Look at her face. LOVING it. Yeah, Wayne who?

Look at her face. LOVING it. Yeah, Wayne who?


3 comments on “Wayne’s World 2 (1993)

  1. Liza
    May 3, 2019

    I just watched this movie for the first time. Walken was still a really good looking man at age 50, and I don’t understand why such a great actor didn’t get better job offers than this.

    • Haha, I certainly understand the frustration, Liza, especially looking at his films of the last 20 years. The nineties were his golden years! But I think he just likes to have fun and mix it up. As much as he excells at serious drama and crazy crimebosses, he loves to make lighthearted comedies. And beyond that he just likes to work. But keep in mind 1993 also saw him do Scam (which is criminally underseen) and the amazingly perfect True Romance. So ’93 wasn’t all bad lol. Thanks for saying something.

  2. Liza
    May 8, 2019

    And don’t forget Skylark from the Sarah Plain and Tall trilogy. Everyone (including me) loved Walken as the sweet, hunky farmer.

    I’ll have to check out Scam and True Romance, haven’t seen either yet.

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